Abby Dimitrov

Abby Dimitrov and Mountain Shadows were literally love at first sight.

In 2000 Abby and her family were moving to Boulder County from Los Alamos, N.M. Their route included taking North 63rd Street to Longmont where she saw Mountain Shadows through the moving truck window. She applied for a position the next day and has been a member of the community since.

Nearly 20 years later the Assenovgrad, Bulgaria native has been the 12-month Primary assistant, the school’s childcare director, and Activity Days extraordinaire.

She came to the States after graduation with her husband Dimitre, who was completing his PhD. A geophysicist by trade, she earned her Master’s degree from Kansas State University. She stayed home and raised their now-grown daughter Sonya. Knowing the challenges of re-entering the science field following a long break, she turned her energy (and has a lot of it) to early childhood education and Mountain Shadows.