The binomial and trinomial cubes are introduced early in a Primary classroom.  As part of the sensorial area, the carefully designed cubes allow the child to put together the color coded pieces like a puzzle.  The child is able to see the shapes and number of pieces it takes to complete the cubes.  Because of the color coding, the child’s attention is indirectly drawn to the different dimensions of the pieces. The child develops an awareness of and confidence in building the cubes through working with and exploring the material.

The elementary child also works with the binomial and trinomial cubes, but with a new layer of understanding and awareness.  The binomial cube is introduced as the concrete representation of (a + b).  The value of each piece is represented by the unique dimensions of the pieces, which are named at this level. The child is able to see the binomial square illustrated on the box cover and see that it is then multiplied by (a + b) to give the cube.  Through this experience, the child is aware that a binomial cube has eight pieces, two of which are cubes.  When the child computes the mathematical process of (a+b)= a3+3a2b+3ab2+b3, the equation makes sense.  The student is able to name each of the pieces using the variables and gains confidence that math is real.

The Binomial Cube

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Mountain Shadows Montessori School offers AMI programs for students 12 months to 12 years old.

...So, what is AMI?

Association Montessori Internationale

AMI is the organization that is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of Maria Montessori's legacy. Mountain Shadows and AMI share a mission to support children's natural development and to help them become the transformative force of society.

This comes with a commitment to a standard of excellence, defined by...


Rigorous and extensive training

including the study of child development and a deep understanding of the Montessori materials to assist the teacher in creating the environment necessary for this work.


Three-year age ranges

within each classroom that allow children to work at their own pace and level of development.


Extended work time,

including a three hour uninterrupted work cycle.


Upholding international standards

through expert consultation every three years and regular and ongoing study of pedagogy and practice.

For your child, this means...


Whether it's digging in the dirt or discovering the universe.


Whether it's speaking your mind or learning to speak up.


Whether it's composing a song or coming up with a big idea.


Whether it's for ourselves or for others.


Whether it's work or play.

Critical Thinking

Whether it's studying science or solving a problem.


Whether it's doing your part or doing what's right.


Whether it's planning your day or preparing your own lunch.


Whether it's deciding together or sharing the work.


Whether it's supporting your friends or saving the planet.

This is what Mountain Shadows means for your child.